1. To teach and train the participant of F&B product The important of hygiene and sanitation in the kitchen
  2. To train the perfect way how to perform a basic cut vegetable, fruit, meat and poultry as a basic standard of cooking
  3. To train the right procedure how to make the mother sauce and to prepare meat, fish and poultry dishes.
  4. To train the participant of F&B product various kinds of cakes and pastries as it needed for the hotel and restaurant industry
  5. To teach the participant of F&B product tips and tricks how to deal with interview test for hotel and cruise ship.
  6. To train and enhance the competency of the participants in making American and continental breakfast.
  7. To train and improve the skill of participants in cooking basic and main food such as burger, sandwich, steak etc
  8. To Develop and train the spirit of entrepreneur of the participants in culinary bussiness.